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          The 14th Oleochem Conference 2017,Nanjing China
          Update: 2017/8/22      Hits: 3370
                          In July 2017, The 14th Oleochem Conference 2017 was held in Nanjing, China. 
                     General Manager of Shanghai Topship, Mr Zhao Dongjun was invited to this conference
                     and gave a keynote speech about Marketing Analysis of Aliphatic Amines.
                          The Oleochem Conference is an influential event of aliphatic amines industry, 
                     ttracting many professionals from China and overseas, including palm oil,biological diesel oil,
                     glycerin, pure glycerin, fatty acids, fatty alcohols, ECH, stearic acid salt, additives,
                     surfactants, daily chemicals,etc.
                          Through this conference, Topship grasped a better understanding of the developing trend
                     of aliphatic amines industry and developed our industry reputation, laying the foundation for future 
                     business development.
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