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          Topship actively engaged in fundraising activity "E.G.G Walkathon Enjoy Give Go"
          Update: 2016/6/16      Hits: 3554
                                         "E.G.G Walkathon Enjoy Give Go", a fundraising activity of walkathon, was launched by
                                 Shanghai United Foundation in 2011.All members from each self-organized team are required 
                                 to walk 50 kilometers within 12 hours and to raise funds online for four non-governmental public
                                 welfare projects for children including nutrition and health, educational development, security 
                                 and protection, and social integration.
                                         The Sixth "E.G.G Walkathon Enjoy Give Go" was held on April 23, 2016 in Pudong, Shanghai. 
                                 630 fundraising teams took part in the activity. The general manager of TOPSHIP, Mr. Qing Kai Li 
                                 joint in the team named "DOW Wins in Central & West China 02" formed by the DOW Chemical
                                 Company. It is the second time since Mr. Li participated in this activity in 2015.
                                         All members of "DOW Wins in Central & West China 02" showed persistency and completed 
                                 the walkathon although it was raining heavily during the walk. Finally, they won fourth prize and 
                                 supported the public welfare with their concrete actions. In addition, it was worth mentioning that
                                 all TOPSHIP staff also took initiative in raising money for the event by actively engaging themselves
                                 in public welfare undertaking and contributing on their own share.

          Company News
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