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          Topship Participated In Social Welfare Activities In Changsha
          Update: 2016/6/30      Hits: 2923
                                          Topship was awarded the "Philanthropy and Love Forever" honorary certificate by
                                   Changsha No.1 Social Welfare Institute.
                                          On June 21, 2016, Topship Personal Care Chemicals Dept. was invited to participate
                                   in the charity event held by Hunan Xiaobei Baby Supplies Co., Ltd.
                                          During the event, Topship representatives and their personal care industry counterparts
                                   all donated to Changsha No.1 Social Welfare Institute, hoping this will bring heartfelt care
                                   and consideration from society and a better life to the elderly and the children in welfare homes.
                                          Honorary certificate
                                         Topship Personal Care Chemicals department representatives took photos
                                  with Hunan TV host LiRui and industry peers.

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