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          Shatian Tax Bureau Guiding Policy Of Transformation From Business Tax To Value-Added Tax, Giving Encouragement And Support to Businesses
          Update: 2017/5/10      Hits: 2669
                           On the afternoon of April 27th, 2017, Mr Sun, Director of Shatian Tax Affairs Branch Bureau
                     visited Topship Chemical Co.,Ltd, providing guidance on the policy of transformation from business
                     tax to value-added tax.
                           During the meeting, Director Sun introduced companies how to use preferential policies after
                     transformation from business tax to value-added tax, including tax reduction or duty-free, immediate
                     tax refund in cases of excess burden of taxation, variable levy and so on. According to our company’s
                     type, Director Sun gave specific guidance on application of these preferential policies, reflecting
                     guiding principle of the Tax Bureau, ‘never miss benefit, no tax increase, and better services.
                           In the meantime, the Finance Department of Topship asked the specialists questions based on their
                     daily tax affairs about transformation from business tax to value-added tax and received detailed
                     explanation,resolving their questions on business tax affairs.
                           This meeting strengthened the connection between company and Tax Bureau. The company
                     understands more clearly about the policy stipulation of transformation from business tax to value-added
                     tax,enjoying more tax reduction benefit and harmonizing the relationship between tax collection and
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