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          Topship Assisting Dow’s PU Product Promotion
          Update: 2018/7/25      Hits: 2599
                       DOW’s PU Department held an annual technical exchange seminar and client appreciation dinner in Guangzhou recently.
                    As DOW’s retail distributor in South China region, Topship with its clients attended the dinner reception.
                       Dr. Yao Wenbin, Technical Director of DOW Asia’s PU Department, and other specialists delivered presentations on 
                    the application and technical solutions of DOW’s Polyether polyol and CASE products in the industrial market, consumer
                    market, and energy market.
                       Mr. Wang Guanjun from Topship gave a theme report on the market analysis of PU products and delivered Topship’s
                    business development plans.
                       Having enjoyed the reception and a great evening, participants look forward to the next reunion.
          Company News
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