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          Love in Hand, Aid for Children
          Update: 2018/9/30      Hits: 2827
              In early September 2018, staff representatives of Topship Chemical Co., Ltd. came to Cao Keng Primary School, located in Huangtang Town, Zijin County, Heyuan City of Guangdong Province. They brought students of Cao Keng Primary school reference books and reading materials of all subjects across all grades, and donated six laptops and one multimedia overhead projector to the school in order to help improve their insufficiency of teaching materials and equipment.
              Topship is taking the opportunity of this donation to extend its care and support to the development of schools and students through consistent and diverse activities, including offering volunteer teaching, educational donation and study aid, as well as social bonding occasions to students and children of their staff.
              We hope our kind loving wishes would put wings on the dreams of children and help them set sail with hope and enjoy a wonderful life!
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