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          Celanese Celebrating 100 Years Anniversary
          Update: 2018/11/19      Hits: 3212

               On November 9, 2018, Vice President of Dongguan Topship Chemical Co., Ltd. Mr. Mo Weizhi was invited to participate in ‘Celanese 100 Years Anniversary Celebration & Clients Appreciation Conference’, hosted by Celanese (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
            Founded in 1918, Celanese is an international company specialized in technology and special materials. From the global production network of Acetyl Chain, it provides materials that are critical to the global chemicals and paints and coatings industries. From its broad portfolio of Materials Solutions, it advances automotive and consumer electronic designs and enable life-improving medical, food and beverage products, offering solutions to the customers to help them succeed.
            Topship was granted the ‘100 Anniversary Partnership Award’, amongst thirteen other globally renowned companies including BASF-Ypc Company Limited, BASF (China) Company Limited, Nippon Investment Company Limited, Akzo Nobel Swire Paints (Shanghai) Ltd., etc.

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