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          Topship Awarded ‘Best Customer of 2018 in South China’ By CNPC
          Update: 2018/12/7      Hits: 3068
               On November 26, 2018, Mr. Mo Weizhi, Vice President of Dongguan Topship Chemical Co., Ltd, and Mr. Guo
          Chuanzhou,Deputy Manager of Solvent Department,were invited to participate in the ‘2019 Annual Aromatics
          Product Meeting’ held by CNPC South China Chemical Sales Company in Guangzhou.
               CNPC South China Chemical Sales Company is subsidiary of and fully owned by the Fortune World 500 CNPC,
          responsible for CNPC’s sales of chemical products in the southern China area.
               The cooperation between Topship and CNPC South China started in 2010. Since 2014, Topship has been
          awarded ‘Best Customer of the Year’ for 5 consecutive years by CNPC South China.
          Company News
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