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          Topship and Yitai Ningneng Agreed to Develop the Market of ISOPAR L in South China
          Update: 2019/8/18      Hits: 2788

                               Topship and Yitai Ningneng Agreed to Develop the Market of ISOPAR L in South China .

                               ORDOS, August 16, 2019 – Yitai Ningneng Fine Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. held a ISOPAR L distribution rights
                     and partnership signing ceremony.

                               President of Dongguan Topship Chemical Co., Ltd, Mr. Qingkai Li, and Vice Presidents Mr. Jianping Cheng and
                     Mr. Jun Gu, attended the signing ceremony among others. Yitai Ningneng issued Topship the certificate of ‘Exclusive
                     Distributor of Yitai Ningneng  ISOPAR L Products in South China’.

                               Yitai Ningneng was put into production in 2019 with an annual ISOPAR L production capacity of 170 tons.It is
                     currently the largest producer of ISOPAR L in the world. The appearance of domestic producers of ISOPAR L products,
                     represented by Yitai Ningneng, broke the long-term  reliance of imports on ISOPAR L. In addition to guaranteeing the
                     products’ quality and performances, it also provides stable supply and curbs the problem of high prices.

                               With over 20 years of experience in chemical products distribution in South China, Topship is committed to
                     developing the market of ISOPAR L in partnership with Yitai Ningneng.

          Company News
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